We are a young company with a great team in order to capitalize on the properties of our client.
We offer quality service and total control for independent hoteliers, community owners and proprietors, can offer the following services:


1. Tourism marketing of your property
2. Real Estate marketing
3. Management accounting
4. Administration of property owners
5. Hotel Management Consultancy
6. INTEGRAHOTEL PMS Hotel Management
7. Legal advice
8. Technical assistance and reform works
9. Renovations and restorations.
10. Management auxiliary services, gardens, swimming pools, cleaning, ...


We are dedicated to meet the needs of any person or company has to manage his property in the Canary Islands, regardless of the size of your property.

To contact us to make a study of their property and / or needs, call us at direccion@libertyholidays.es or +34 928 72 01 68.